Logo What sets us apart
RC was born in January 2005 with one goal in mind: to offer an experienced, flexible, honest, innovative and practical legal team that promptly delivers legal protection to its clients while being responsive, having absolute availability and always with competitive fees.

RC is built onto the following principles:

We only do what we are good at and we are confident enough to say that we are the best at whatever we do. The attorneys at RC add value to our clients’ transactions offering protection, certainty and peace of mind. We are convinced that every attorney in our team has the intellectual capacity and business sense for satisfying the needs, as well as for anticipating and resolving its clients’ legal matters.

We want to build a personal relationship with our clients, always exceeding their expectations, while being considered as part of their business team. In RC we work directly with our clients to understand their needs and business expectations, and help them accomplish their goals across the board, structuring and negotiating successful transactions. We are always on hand for each and every one of our clients, looking to develop long-lasting personal and professional relationships every day.

In RC we adapt to each client’s profile and working style; we offer tailor-made services and solutions. We feel a genuine passion for what we do. In RC not only do we enjoy, but feel a genuine passion for our work. We look to go beyond our practice area adapting to the specific needs of each client or transaction, and responding to our clients promptly and as required. We are an efficient and highly competitive alternative, in search of excellence and consistently seeking to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Practical Approach for Preventing and Solving Problems
RC exists to aid its clients in accomplishing their business goals; we offer solutions not additional problems. We have a pragmatic and creative approach to problem-solving, combining these elements with honesty, efficiency and awareness of our clients’ needs. Our clients get involved in matters only to the extent they desire, resting assure that we will deliver the expected results in the form and within the requested time frame.
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