SFIC is a unique concept that RC makes available to its clients for purposes of not only supporting, but rather walking with investors through the entire process of operation start-up in our country.

As business attorneys we have a broad knowledge of the steps for starting operations in Mexico, and specifically in the Northeast part of Mexico and the State of Nuevo Leon. This know-how comprises the essential requirements to incorporate a new entity, having it registered before all corresponding authorities, obtaining all the corresponding licenses and permits, as well as support in the start-up of its operations and advice during its consolidation and growth.

RC offers, in addition to its legal services, the following:

1. First-hand contacts with real estate agents, industrial parks, customs brokers, accountants, outsourcing companies, financial and tax advisors, bank representatives, machinery and equipment suppliers, project managers, builders and developers, equipped business centers, among others;

2. Contacts and relationships with Federal, State and Municipal authorities;

3. Official translations of internal processes, production manuals and diverse legal documents;

4. A broad knowledge in the process of setting up an entity or foreign branch in Mexico.

We have assisted Spanish, Canadian, Slovenian, Norwegian and a substantial number of US companies that currently operate satisfactorily in our country. Our commitment is to go hand-in-hand with our clients in the entire process, and not only do we have the experience but our compensation flexibility and our network of external advisors and contacts make us the best.

SFIC is a heterogeneous workgroup composed of RC members with different practice backgrounds (entity formation, agreements, foreign investment, real estate, antitrust and intellectual property, among others), jointly with a group of external advisors. We guarantee our clients that while working with us they do not have to work with a number of external advisors, being RC a “one-stop shop”.
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